International Conference on Matrix Analysis and its Applications

Będlewo, September 25-29, 2017

Book of abstracts

The book of abstracts with an erratum. Last update: Oct. 4, 2017.

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Special Sessions

Interval Matrices organized by Milan Hladík.

Session invited speakers: J. Bok, M. Černý, D. Hartman, J. Horáček, J. Matějka

Session contributed speakers: I. Skalna


About the session Abstract

Opening talk

Milan Hladík: AE regularity of interval matrices Abstract

Session invited speakers

Jan Bok: Interval pseudoinverse matrices Abstract

Michal Černý: A Branch-and-Bound scheme for the range of rank-deficient quadratic forms with interval-valued variables Abstract

David Hartman: Tightening bounds on the radius of nonsingularity Abstract

Jaroslav Horáček: Application of interval linear algebra in data estimation Abstract

Josef Matějka: Determinants of interval matrices Abstract

Session contributed speakers

Iwona Skalna A new method for determining the radius of regularity of parametric interval matrices Abstract

Matrix Methods in Linear Models organized by Daniel Klein.

Session invited speakers: K. Filipiak, J.T. Mexia, J. Volaufova, D. von Rosen, R. Zmyślony

Session contributed speakers: M. Grządziel, A. Kozioł, M. Mokrzycka, C. Nunes, C. Rohde, I. Žežula


About the session Abstract

Opening talk

Daniel Klein: Estimation of parameters under the multilevel multivariate models Abstract

Session invited speakers

Katarzyna Filipiak: Properties of partial trace and block trace operators of partitioned matrices Abstract

João Tiago Mexia: Confidence regions and tests for normal models with orthogonal block structure: pivot variables Abstract

Julia Volaufova: Fixed effects estimation in two-variance components models Abstract

Dietrich von Rosen: Applications of the Vandermonde matrix in statistics Abstract

Roman Zmyślony: Application of Jordan algebra and its inference in linear models Abstract

Session contributed speakers:

Mariusz Grządziel: On nonnegative minimum biased quadratic estimation in the linear regression models Abstract

Arkadiusz Kozioł: Best unbiased estimates for parameters of three-level multivariate data with doubly exchangeable covariance structure Abstract

Monika Mokrzycka: Kronecker product approximation via entropy loss function Abstract

Célia Nunes: Normal approximations for vec, trace and determinant of noncentral Wishart matrices Abstract

Charles Rohde: Robustness in the multivariate Gaussian distribution Abstract

Ivan Žežula: Problems of inference in a special multivariate linear model Abstract

Total Positivity organized by Jürgen Garloff.

Session invited speakers: K. Akaiwa, À. Barreras, A. Dyachenko, A. Fukuda, M. Tyaglov


About the session Abstract

Opening talk

Jürgen Garloff: Recent applications of the Cauchon algorithm to the totally nonnegative matrices Abstract

Session invited speakers

Kanae Akaiwa: Solving inverse eigenvalue problems for totally nonnegative matrices with finite steps Abstract

Àlvaro Barreras: Extending accurate computations for totally positive matrices Abstract

Alexander Dyachenko: Hurwitz and Hurwitz-type matrices of two-way infinite series Abstract

Akiko Fukuda: Integrable eigenvalue algorithms for totally nonnegative matrices Abstract

Mikhail Tyaglov: Root location of polynomials with totally nonnegative Hurwitz matrix Abstract

Jaroslav Zemánek in memoriam organized by Iwona Wróbel.

Session invited speakers: A. Sołtysiak, K. Ziętak


Opening talk

Iwona Wróbel: Mathematics - the borderless passion of Jaroslav Zemánek Abstract

Session invited speakers

Andrzej Sołtysiak: My meetings with Jaroslav Zemánek - the way I remember them Abstract

Krystyna Ziętak: Matrices which Jaroslav Zemánek loved Abstract

Scientific Programme

The schedule overview of the programme. Last update: Sep. 28 (4:00pm), 2017.

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The detailed programme (Monday - Friday). Last update: Sep. 28 (4:00pm), 2017.

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